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What is hadleys?

Hadleys is a game invented by Tony Hadley of the 1980's band Spandau Ballet.

What do I need to play hadleys?

To play a game of hadleys you can simply purchase the basic set, as seen on our accessories page. The basic set contains everything a player needs to have a game. The main elements are: kemp tools, monks, power gloves, danger suit, kemp tokens, candle timers, tetrahedroids and a plumb stone.

Do I ready need to use power gloves?

YES! If you want a safe game then power gloves are essential and failure to use them will result in disqualification and a three month ban from any tournaments.

How do I play hadleys?

There are far too many rules for us to explain everything and all the information and instructions can be found in any hadleys set. The basic aim of the game is to stack a proportional number of 'monks' using the kemp tools to counter-act the candle time.

I've heard that a game of hadleys can be won in 3 turns. Is this true?

In theory it is possible to win using 3 moves though in reality nobody has ever managed this. The record for the least amount of turns ever used to win a game was 7.

Who is currently ranked number #1 in the world?

Martin Kemp is the current champion


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