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Famous Fans

Hadleys is very popular even amongst the stars of today, here are just a few dedicated hadleys fans that you may recognise

Roy Keane

Martin Kemp

Ross Kemp Bernard Manning
This football manger is famous for his love of hadleys and sent the entire Sunderland team on a weekend retreat to a hadleys colony as a team building exercise.

Much to the dismay of Tony Hadley, Martin Kemp went on to be one of the best players the world has ever seen, taking 3 hadleys grand slam trophies in the last five years.

The former Eastender and general hardman might not seem the type to play hadleys, but his obsession with the game has been well documented and it was not uncommon for him to partake in a game with Pat Butcher from time to time. When not offending ethnic minorities there was nothing Bernard liked more than to host a hadleys marathon in his world famous embassy club. Lets not forget that it was Bernard who introduced hadleys to needy african villages through his charity work.