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All New Hadleys Executive Set

Containing all the neccessary elements for a game of hadleys but in this attractive stainless steel case, built to withstand a megatron bomb and with a sleek hadleys logo on the exterior. Containing a handcrafted leather interior with extra kemps capacity and magogany compartments for mini kemp tools. This is the ideal gift for the haldleys lover who likes the finer things in life.


The Classic

Based on the original 1980's release of the hadleys game this case contains all the neccessary components for a game and the added bonus of a limited edition hadleys booklet containing the most up to date information of all hadleys collectors items ever released worldwide. Ideal for beginners and experts alike this classic set will never go out of fashion.

*Spare kemps not included*


Advanced Kemps

The ultimate kemp tool can be used for stacking, coating or just dividing hadleys into monk sectors. You will literally never need another kemp tool with this advanced kemp. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee and has an 100% safety record unlike the original kemps.


Danger Suit

This is the 2008 Danger Suit, an essential part of any game, whether it be for water pump moves or stack shifts the Danger Suit is neccessary for a safe game of Hadleys. The 2008 version is lined with moroccan silk to leave the player feeling like a king whilst delivering the endurance needed for any hadleys garment. Do not delay, order yours today and recieve a free set of spare budget kemps.


Power Gloves

Any plyer worth his salt would not attempt a game of hadleys without power gloves and this stunning set have gold threat embroidery for an exquisite finish. As with all hadley Power Gloves they are made from Scottish goat leather in compliance with the rules and regulations of the game. These gloves also offer 10 more stacks than any other previous glove on the market.


Kemp Tokens

No game would be complete without kemp tokens and this new set is the most detailled ever to be crafted. Made from solid polyteknolene they can out-balance the old tokens at a rate of 2-1. Sold in a set of 20, each token carries a different image, with the hadley gold being the top rated standard.